After School Clubs


SCL’s After School Clubs provide stimulating, fun and age-appropriate sport or dance-based activities to engage and entertain your child in a safe and secure environment, whilst you avoid the school rush.

Our qualified and experienced tutors are experts in ensuring children enjoy themselves, have fun and learn new skills.

These extra-curricular clubs are directly linked to partnering schools and cater for children of all abilities, aged 4-11 years.

Each Activity Club runs once a week for an hour, during the school term-time. A school may offer one or more After School Clubs selected from our current offering:

  • Soccer
  • Club Energy – Multi-activities
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Multi-sports
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Dodgeball
  • Hockey
  • Tag Rugby
  • Tennis



All SCL After School Activity Clubs are designed for boys and girls of all abilities who are aged from 4-12 years. The clubs offered, and age-ranges catered for, may vary from school-to-school.

SCL's Soccer Club provides professional coaching to help boys and girls improve their football skills, with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment in a non-competitive environment. Our coaches deliver structured sessions to introduce a different aspect of football every week through enjoyable, imaginative games. Each session includes a warm-up, skill-focused activity and mini matches. SCL offers three soccer programmes:

  • Mini Kickers – 4-5 years
  • Premier All Stars – 6-8 years
  • Champions Elite – 9-12 years

A multi-activity programme that will stimulate and challenge children physically and mentally, whilst ensuring maximum fun, participation and enjoyment. Club Energy is a unique after school club that teaches children the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, using imaginative games and activities including:

  • Movement to music (dance)
  • Gymnastics
  • Games such Space Invaders, Battleships and Shark Attack
  • Plus … equipment such as parachutes, Didi-cars, hoops, bean bags and sponge balls

Each Club Energy session includes a variety of games and is structured to include a warm-up, main activity games and a cool-down, with classes taking place outside when the weather permits.

An energetic class for girls and boys that teaches them different dance movements and routines to the latest chart music. Each week the children will build on their ability and will ultimately be encouraged to choreograph and perform their own routines, allowing them to use their own expression and creativity.

SCL’s Gymnastics Club is a fun, enjoyable after school club which allows the children to learn and improve their co-ordination and skills using different apparatus and equipment each week. Includes in the programme are partner balance work, fun gymnastic warm up and cool down games and group gymnastic displays. 

An action-packed, multi-sports programme that promotes health and fitness through sport, fun, games and exercise for both boys and girls. Sports include the following and are relevant for Key Stage 1 & 2:

The sports on offer are relevant for Key Stage 1 & 2 and include football, athletics, tennis, hockey, rounders, mini golf, Kwik cricket, tag rugby and basketball.

Each session includes a warm-up, skill-focused activity, matches and cool-down.


SCL’s Cricket Club is an engaging and active after school class for boys and girls of all abilities who are keen to develop their skills and knowledge of this popular game. Each week, through a range of fun exercises and drills, your child will learn new batting, bowling and fielding skills, all of which are designed to maximise their development, knowledge and enjoyment of the game. At the end of each session children will also have the opportunity to put their newly-learned skills into action during the mini matches, whilst also experiencing a little healthy competition, sportsmanship and team work.

Dodgeball is a high energy and fun team game, enjoyed by all children, in which they learn to dodge, dunk, dip and dive!

Designed to maximise their development, knowledge and enjoyment of the game, our sessions will also develop basic and advanced motor skills with such activities as throwing, catching and moving around in all different directions. Fun drills, exercises and end-of-session mini matches will improve their skills and knowledge of the sport whilst also ensuring they burn off their excess energy!

SCL’s Hockey Club is an action-packed after school class for boys and girls of all abilities who are keen to develop their skills and knowledge of this fast-paced game.

A different aspect of hockey will be played each week with new skills being learned along the way including ball control, hand-eye co-ordination, defending and attacking and game play. Specific drills and games will also be incorporated to ensure development, knowledge and enjoyment, along with mini matches at the end of each session. These are designed to give children the opportunity to put their newly-learned skills into action whilst also experiencing a little healthy competition, sportsmanship and team work.

SCL’s Tag Rugby Club is a fantastic first step into rugby for girls and boys of all abilities. Our programme will:

  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of rugby
  • Improve handling and kicking skills
  • Introduce your child to different skill-related games each week
  • Improve their confidence and game play
  • Introduce them to the importance of sportsmanship and team work

Mini matches are also played at the end of each session to give the children the opportunity to put their newly learned skills into action.

SCL's Tennis Club is perfect for any boy or girl wishing to improve their skills and knowledge of this game. Designed for all abilities, the tennis programme will use a range of games, drills and activities to ensure development, knowledge and enjoyment of tennis. Plus, with mini matches being played at each session, your child will improve their confidence on and off the court.

SCL’s Athletics Club is a high-energy after school class for boys and girls all abilities. Each week, children will take part in different athletic events such as sprint, javelin, discus and hurdles. They will also have the opportunity to participate in mini Olympics and competitions whilst also improving their skills and knowledge of many aspects of athletics.


Our qualified and experienced tutors ensure that your child will not only have fun, but also enjoy the following benefits:

For your child:

  • Increased physical activity after school
  • Improved self-confidence, fitness and co-ordination
  • Improved skills and knowledge of their chosen sport
  • Improved co-ordination
  • Greater confidence on and off the pitch
  • More positive social skills
  • The opportunity to make new friends
  • Being part of the Olympic Legacy

Parents can also benefit from:

  • An easy pick-up – avoid the post-school rush
  • Safe, secure surroundings
  • Bookings made via the school 



  • Every child should bring: a change of clothing – their school PE kit is ideal, a non-fizzy drink
  • Classes are held either in the school hall or outdoors, depending upon class type and/or weather conditions
  • Every child is registered by SCL at the start of the class to ensure safety
  • All children will require collecting at the end of the class



Our SCL tutors make it their mission for your child to have the best time whilst they are with us. They are professional in their approach, caring and entertaining. In addition, our SCL tutors delivering on the day will also be:

  • Approved to work with children by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) or the Department for Barring Services (DBS)
  • Qualified in childcare, sports coaching and/or play-work
  • Qualified in Paediatric First Aid
  • Trained in child protection awareness and procedures
  • Fully insured

Plus, each tutor is regularly assessed, to maintain SCL’s high standards and ensure consistency of delivery on an on-going basis.


  • SCL have worked with our school for over ten years, delivering high quality sports coaching sessions during PPA time, and providing our pupils with consistently excellent PE teaching across the school. The specialist coaching skills which are demonstrated have also provided an excellent model to other colleagues. I would highly recommend SCL to any school. Katy Young Head Teacher, Cove Junior School

  • SCL are pleased to announce that they are Finalists for the Apprenticeship Provider of the Year!

  • SCL are an Ofsted registered Childcare provider.

  • SCL have partnered with De Montfort University to launch a Sports Coaching Degree programme,

  • The Flame Awards are the largest celebration of innovation and excellence from across the sector.

  • SCL are strategic partners with UKactive.

  • EU EFS

  • Matrix

  • Traineeships are a stepping stone to future success for young people, businesses and the wider economy.

  • Our Saturday Soccer Coaches are FA qualified, Level 2 and above

  • SCL's School Sport Apprenticeship programme has been designed specifically to give those wanting a career in coaching and physical education the skills, knowledge and qualifications to help make it happen.

  • SCL is an employer partner of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity.

  • SCL were awarded an Ofsted outstanding in 2015 for their Holiday Activities.

  • HITZ is Premiership Rugby’s award-winning education and employability programme.