Founders Lewis Field and Steve Franks launched the SCL Education Group in 1999. Born out of a love of sport and a belief that their purpose in life is to “use the power of sport to make a positive impact on children’s and young people’s lives whilst creating a strong legacy in communities they serve,”

Beginning with football coaching for children and young people, the SCL Education Group has evolved into an Ofsted and Ofqual regulated organisation, delivering Department for Education funded programmes, and a trailblazer within the education, skills and training sector and beyond. Today they have turned their vision into a successful business, inspiring thousands of people over the years using the principles of sport as the driving force.

The love of sport still continues today, and those key sporting principles are seen throughout all our divisions, offering our learners a lifelong learning experience that they’ll never forget.

All our divisions at SCL Education Group are driven by the same mission and vision:

To create a legacy in the communities we serve and positively impact on the future prospects of one million children, young people and adults.


Our success stems from our passion for developing people, this is what motivated us in the beginning and is what still motivates us today.
Steve Franks, Founder & Board Director
We are proud of our team and their passion for our cause; and we know that by all working together and sharing this ethos, we can make this happen.
Lewis Field, Founder & Board Director


We have over 500 passionate employees who are positively impacting the lives of children and adults every day.



We have over 500 passionate employees who are positively impacting the lives of children and adults every day.

Brad Rushton

Chief Executive Officer

Brad joined the Group in 2017 as Commercial Director, climbing the ranks to become CEO in October 2021. Brad is passionate about delivering the Group’s strategy and driving forward future growth for the business.


Carole Carson

Executive Chair

Following an extensive career in senior leadership spanning the Education, Skills and Employment services sectors, Carole is a non-executive director at SCL, supporting businesses to drive strategic vision and support good growth, ensuring great governance standards.


Adrian Fantham

Chief Financial Officer

After completing a 7-year accountancy apprenticeship, Adrian transitioned to the service industry, becoming a qualified management accountant (ACMA), and later held key financial leadership positions in various organisations, including a 16-year tenure with the Rehab Group and a subsequent role as CFO at Babington for 8 years before joining SCL as the Chief Finance Officer.


Stuart Allen

Operations Director of Education and School Services

Stuart joined SCL in April 2021 to grow the operational effectiveness within each division and continue our exceptional service delivery across the Group. Alongside his years of experience as a teacher, lecturer and director, Stuart started his career as a sports coach meaning that he knows the value of the education and sports industry inside out.


Fiona Hawkesley

Director of SCL Professional

Fiona joined SCL in February 2023 to head up the SCL Professional division. With 25 years’ experience in the apprenticeship industry, Fiona understands the benefits for apprentices and organisations. Fiona is excited to use the principles of sport to develop and grow the provision and continue adding value.



SCL has taken the mental strength, resilience, agility, teamwork and discipline needed to succeed on the field and incorporated this into an exceptional educational experience.

Using sporting principles to deliver a lifelong learning journey like no other, a set of key skills underpin every step of our educational journey. We use the skills that drive successful professional athletes and apply them to each department within the SCL Education Group to shape every experience we deliver.

Every SCL learner, across the SCL Education Group will be able to develop a set of key skills that will positively impact their lives during their time with SCL, and beyond. Passionate about sport. Passionate about education.



In the High-Performance Learning approach, effective communication is prioritised at all levels.


High-Performance Learning recognises the power of teamwork in achieving exceptional results.


Resilience is at the core of the High-Performance Learning approach.


The High-Performance Learning approach emphasises the value of being coachable.


Integrated into our approach, healthy competition motivates learners to set personal goals, challenge themselves, and strive for excellence.


Professionalism is a fundamental aspect of the High-Performance Learning approach.


Motivation is the driving force in our approach.


SCL Education Group is built on a 20+ year history in the world of sport, delivering education, training and unforgettable experiences throughout the UK, from early years to adult learning.

Our people are passionate, resilient and all working towards the same goal: to unlock potential and make a difference. We’re always looking for people with shared values to join our team in a number of varied roles across the Group.

Working for SCL is more than just a job! It’s a passion and a career that can see you progress both professionally and personally within a team of great people all working together to make a difference.