Unlocking High Performance


SCL Professional are on a mission to use the power of apprenticeships as a platform to build transformative programmes that have a real impact.

We are an learning and development solution partner with over 20+ years history in people development; unlocking high performance to create future ready teams and individuals across the UK.

Working with over 80 clients nationwide we understand that successful business performance is built on people and their ability to grow, develop and perform.

High Performance. Real Impact. 

Our Impact

High Performance, Real Impact

SCL Professional have an Ofsted rating of Good with an Outstanding for behaviours & attitudes

Leading transformative change across the UK

Over 50% of client partners have expanded their apprenticeship provision with us.

Shaping modern professionals for the future

100% of our apprentices rated our session resources as very good or excellent

Programmes that unlock potential

We have an End Point Assessment Pass Rate of 99%

Passionate about learner experience

92% of our apprentices gave our trainers a 5 star rating for exceptional delivery

Leading the way in shaping the future consumer

We have a 100% distinction rate for buying and merchandising.


To us apprenticeship programmes are a platform to build experiences that unlock performance. We do this through our sports centred learning methodology.



We teach the importance of clear and open communication to give apprentices the skills to create thriving collaborative working environments and supportive ecosystems.


We believe in the power of teamwork and teach apprentices how this enhances creativity, decision-making and the ability to leverage diverse perspectives for positive outcomes.


We nurture resilience so apprentices can develop the mental strength needed to overcome challenges and maintain focus on their goals.


We coach apprentices to thrive in a culture of openness and adaptability to create a growth mindset and the ability to continually learn and perform.


We position competition as a healthy mindset to reach new heights and unlock potential on an apprentices’ journey to delivering high performance.


We have developed high standards of professionalism built on our 20-year experience which we instil in apprentices; creating productivity skillsets to prepare them for success in their chosen careers.


We use a range of motivational techniques, built on our history in sport, to provide apprentices with the confidence and inspiration to empower them to achieve their aspirations.