Experts in delivering active experiences

Fun, Learn, Move

We provide unforgettable experiences to children aged 4 – 12, inspiring them to Have Fun, Learn More and Move More.

Children who attend SCL Active clubs are nurtured and engaged through an exciting programme of themed activities, providing the foundation for lifelong learning.


Our Impact

20 years’ experience

SCL began with football coaching for children, which has evolved into a programme of themed activities built by active childcare experts.

Passionate people

Our SCL Active staff are qualified, passionate and dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for children aged 4 – 12.

OFSTED registered provider

We’re proud that our venues across the South East are OFSTED registered, providing parents and partners with peace of mind.

Competitive pricing

SCL Active offers parents the chance to take advantage of offers and discounts to say thank you for being a loyal customer.

Themed activities

Our holiday clubs are an exciting time in the school calendar, with each one based on a theme that children love to get involved in.

Flexible bookings

Parents are able to take control of their schedule by booking either a full day, an extended day or a whole week at a time to fit their needs.


SCL Active children start their lifelong learning journey with us, by having fun, learning and moving.



Children are encouraged to share their thoughts, work together with their peers, and take part in meaningful conversations with their coaches and mentors.


Introducing children to collaborative projects and group activities nurtures friendships, boosts teamwork, sparks creativity, improves decision-making, and harnesses a variety of viewpoints to achieve the best results.


Children are encouraged to welcome challenges, see failures as chances for growth, and persist in their quest for excellence.


Children eagerly embrace guidance from coaches, educators, and mentors while actively pursuing chances to absorb the wisdom of others.


Healthy competition among children integrated into our approach motivates them to set personal goals, challenge themselves, and strive for excellence, fostering a drive to excel and consistently perform at their best while reaching new heights.


Children are guided to embody respect, responsibility, and integrity while fostering a professional mindset for future success in their chosen paths.


Children are empowered to explore passions, set ambitious goals, and stay motivated through the SCL Way.